Needs and Wants :Distinguishing between the two

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“In economics, needs are defined as goods or services that are required and wants are defined as goods or services that are not necessary but that we desire or wish for.”

There’s nothing wrong with wanting things but there is something wrong with confusing your wants with your needs and turning your wants (desires) into needs. God recognizes that we have wants and the bible does not discourage us from wanting things. Our heavenly Father doesn’t want us to desire things like the world does, which means we shouldn’t be desperate for things. Contentment is key.

God knows our every desire and provides for them if they line up with his purpose for our lives. I have grown to dislike our consumer culture which encourages us to believe that product X is the ultimate thing in life and that if we don’t acquire it, life will cease to exist. This aspect of marketing both frustrates me and saddens me. With this in mind, my purpose is to never promote anything with the slogan “you need this” or “you won’t get a better deal than this”.

You don’t need anything that I promote or suggest, what you do need is a roof over your head, clothes on your back and food in your belly and the Lord. “But if we have food and clothing we will be content with that” – 1 Timothy 6:8.

Before I started blogging, I almost fell victim to this scheme many times. I knew early on when I started writing my content that I needed to invest in my blog in order for it to grow. I also knew that I didn’t have thousands of dollars sitting in the bank waiting for me to use as I pleased and so I had to make a smart purchase that would provide me with the most ROI (return on investment) down the line.

To say it was hard to resist every advertisement is an understatement.

It was extremely difficult for many reasons, one being that people were selling things with an underlying message of fear. I would get bombarded on a daily basis with different products to use. The message was always the same: if I didn’t purchase this product or that product, the opportunity would never come again; this product was it, it was the Holy grail to blogging and making an income online. It was all lies. Everyone thinks their product is a game changer. I had to start praying for wisdom from God to know what I should and shouldn’t buy. With all these messages and promotions, I was afraid that I would miss out on THE golden product. Thank God for God and that he gave me wisdom.

In less than 3 months, my inbox was flooded with hundreds of products and services. I kept ignoring every suggestion, knowing that these things weren’t needs. I was convinced that a better deal would always come. Guess what? It did, sometimes from the same advertiser who would “miraculous” decide to reduce the price the following week. I waited until God showed me what I should buy and I trusted him to bring me the best deal. That deal came through the Ultimate Bundle team, they sell bundles of high-quality digital resources on a specific theme. Some of their past bundles have been on DIYs, healthy living, homemaking, photography and this time it was for blogging as a business.  Had I bought those products as the emails came I would have spent over 800$! I ended up buying the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit for 97$ this bundle included over 80 e-books and e-courses. This bundle had a value of over 5,000$. To call it a blessing from God would be an understatement.

Distinguishing the difference between needs and wants

Still reaping the benefits

It’s been 6 months since I purchased my domain. I haven’t purchased any other e-book or e-course since because I am still reaping the benefits from that bundle. Our society has no idea what delayed gratification is and marketing businesses know that very well. Next time you think you need something, think again because it might just be a want that can wait until later. Everyone wants your money, I don’t want to be one of those people. I will be suggesting products on my blog. I will be honest with you upfront but I WILL NOT make it my priority or the goal of this blog. It’s in my nature to suggest things that I truly love and have benefited from. If you know me than you know this is something I do. I tell people about the things I like to use.

It’s difficult for me to comprehend how desperate people are to acquire the next best thing. Delayed gratification is a dying quality in our society. I don’t want this for myself and I don’t want it for you. Wants are never satisfied because we always want something “better”. We will all give an account for how we used our resources on this earth.  I will give an account for what I write and suggest on this blog. I don’t want to be a stumbling block for anyone. The Lord has called us to be good stewards of what he gave us, money is one of those things. There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself and purchasing things. The sin is found in a lack of contentment when we shouldn’t or are unable to get the thing we want. I challenge you to make a clear distinction between what are needs and wants and to ask the Lord to give you wisdom in how you spend your money.